The African Alliance for electronic commerce was officially launched on March 13th, 2009 in Addis Ababa on the sidelines of a workshop on the facilitation of trade and aid for trade, in the presence of the representative of the Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission of the UN for Africa (UNECA), the AACE is a framework for Exchange and sharing on the facilitation of trade, and its main objectives are:

  • Set a facilitating structure for dialogue and cooperation among members in the organizations and structures that wish to join the Alliance;
  • Define common goals on issues of electronic commerce and particularly for a single window;
  • Establish an exchange platform of one-stop experience in Africa in order to enable countries in the region to have a frame of reference;
  • Establish a competency framework to assist African countries in developing their Single Window projects;
  • Set a framework for sharing resources and expertise to facilitate the establishment of a regional single window;
  • Contribute to Africa’s representation in international forums and contribute to the development of the concept in the world, especially in Africa;
  • Apply international standards for the setting of one-stop shops and promoting a movement in Africa to ensure interoperability with the other regions of the world without major efforts;
  • Promote regional and inter-regional cooperation of the single window in Africa;
  • Be a focal point for the development partners and international institutions concerned with the promotion of a single window in Africa;
  • Develop closer working relationships between members of the Alliance.

Morocco through its National Single Window of Foreign Trade Procedures is vice president and active member of the AACE.

For more information, please check : www.african-alliance.org