The implementation of the National Single Window for Foreign Trade ‘PortNet’ as a Community platform data interchange aimed to the dematerialization and the simplification of all foreign trade formalities nationwide. This initiative is a model, precursor in Africa, of full integration of the trade chain which benefits are undeniable and have been registered since the launch of the platform. PORTNET is a modern and interoperable electronic platform that integrate; through EDI implementation; the information systems of all parties concerned by foreign trade processes, at both national and regional levels (Single Windows, Customs, Airport & Port Authorities and Terminal Operators of ports and airports, shipping agents, airlines, freight forwarders, importers & exporters, public administrations, etc.).

The main objectives of PORTNET is a paperless processes of import / export and an end to end integration of the supply chain nationally and regionally. Through this complete integration of the foreign trade chain, the economic operator has now an electronic single window to scroll on daily basis & in a simple, efficient and innovative way, its import and export operations.

PORTNET is a major operating leverage for the performance of economic operators by offering a large capacity of anticipation, proactivity, cost mastering and tracking of international trade transactions.

PORTNET improves the competitiveness of the supply chain by ensuring:

  • Increase of efficiency of the supply chains of economic operators, public and private service providers;
  • Acceleration of cross-border movement of goods at import and export levels;
  • Creation of an environment promoting competitiveness of economic operators with the opportunity to work just in time;
  • Reduction of uncertainty on deadlines and logistics costs;
  • Improvement of business climate, good governance and increased transparency in  B2G relations;
  • Simplification and acceleration of procedures and formalities for entry or exit of goods;
  • Improvement of operations tracking on real time, foresight and planning capabilities through a good quality and circulation of information flows.

This initiative, borne on top of the Government of Morocco, shows a real awareness of the need for synergy and partnership between public and private sectors to simplification, optimization, transparency, and improving business climate. Thus, this project of national importance is a new model of strategic partnership between the different stakeholders of foreign trade.

For more information, please visit our webpage : www.portnet.ma