How UN/CEFACT Deliverables can support the establishment and maintenance of single windows

Date :  7 September 2016, 16h00-18h00



On 7 September 2016 in Marrakesh, The United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) is hosting an event on how African countries can implement Single Windows to reduce the cost of international trade and improve competitiveness.

UN/CEFACT experts on Single Window will present the existing and upcoming deliverables that are available to countries wishing to establish a Single Window. Experts will also provide context on how UN/CEFACT recommendations and standards can help implement e-business solutions.

This is a side event in the margins of the International Single Window Conference (co-hosted by Alliance Africaine pour le commerce électronique and PORTNET) which will take place in Marrakesh from 5-7 September 2016.

UNECE Recommendations and Standards for Single Windows

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), through UN/CEFACT, produces recommendations and standards aimed at simplifying trade procedures. There are currently three UNECE recommendations which are directly aimed at assisting with the establishment of Single Windows:

  • Recommendation 33 – Single Window Recommendation
  • Recommendation 34 – Data Simplification and Standardization for International Trade
  • Recommendation 35 – Establishing a Legal Framework for International Trade Single Window

A new recommendation on Single Window interoperability (Recommendation 36) is currently being finalized and a White Paper aimed at clarifying vocabulary related to Single Windows is being developed. A further project has also recently been launched to develop a Recommendation on Core Principles for the Operation of Single Windows.

UNECE also provides guidance on how a single window should operate, for example through business requirement specifications for the international forwarding and transport of goods and through standards related to the exchange of electronic data (such as EDIFACT and XML).

Objective and Target Audience

The event is aimed at government officials from border agencies as well as traders, port operators and providers of logistics services and solutions technologies.


  • Moderator – Virginia Cram-Martos
  • Keynote Speakers – Andrea Fehr Hampton
  • Speakers – Ibrahima Diagne, Mario Apostolov, Jalal Benhayoun (TBC)